What have other people said about the courses?

Here’s just a few of the quote Pete has received from people who have attended his courses:

‘Thank you Peter for being such a great tutor. You have been extremely inspirational and very approachable.’ (2013)

‘Really enjoyed the course. Stimulating, challenging and a real adventure re-discovering my body and realising the power of the mind. The main thing I will take away( other than a regular practice) is that thoughts are not facts.’ (2013)

‘The course has enabled me to understand mindfulness, including all the research behind it. I feel my practices are far better after the tuition.’

‘Provided a supportive and encouraging place to share and explore. Got me into a good routine, introduced me to different ways of being and the benefits and difficulties.’ (2013)

‘It surprises me how the course has helped me cope with difficulties in my life and I now do feel I’m moving forward more positively.’ (2012)

‘Excellent course.’ (2012)

‘Peter did a lovely job – I did feel very safe , and appreciated your down to earthiness and honesty.’ (2012)

‘Thanks for building a good relationship to the group and among the group. You put a lot of thought into what you wanted to bring to sessions.’ (2012)

‘I’ve found  it immensely helpful in doing the daily practices. I enjoy them and I am finding that I do feel much calmer and less hurried.’ (2012)

‘What were the most useful parts of the course? Pete’s experience of mindfulness himself – he clearly practices himself so wasn’t just talking about the theory.’(2012)

‘I struggled at the beginning to put the time and effort into the practice but that has improved and I feel excited about taking this experience further and into my daily life.’ (2012)

‘Thanks Pete for a fantastic course. It has been really vital and pivotal course to support my need. You’re a great teacher. Thank you!’ (2012)

‘It is very surprising to me that I committed to this , and was convinced wholeheartedly of mindfulness efficacy – in no small measure thanks to Pete! Excellent course.’ (2012)

‘So much better to do a course than just read a book on my own. Coming each week was a highlight in the week for me and gave me the re-focussing I needed.’ (2012)

‘I’m glad I did it!’ (2012)

‘Should be more widely known.’ (2012)

‘I’m really glad I had the opportunity to attend the course. It helped me become more aware of my mind. Be calmer and helped my general wellbeing. Thank you!’ (2013)

‘It has been really helpful to have a weekly session- as a point of focus – to both think about during the week and to then practice regularly too.’ (2013)

‘This course is a great introduction to mindfulness. I am very grateful for the new ideas, techniques and option that are now available to me. Thank you.’ (2013)

‘I feel generally much calmer and have not neede to return to my old habits of self harming. I am finding I do not dwell on negative things so much.’ (2013)

‘Peter creates an excellent environment for learning about mindfulness. His manner is open and very approachable. I highly recommend learning this skill, and learning it with Peter.’(2013)

‘The course has given me greater insights into how I was thinking and feeling. This has helped me not to be locked into my thinking and feeling and therefore grow in wellbeing.’ (2013)