What is mindfulness?

Mindfulness is a way of using your mind more effectively. It’s a way of finding a place of calm within a busy mind.

The mind is so much more than just thinking; it’s where we filter all our experiences – thoughts, emotion, physical sensations, impulses to act, memories, daydreams. Mindfulness helps us to become aware of all this activity, to be able to step back, and respond to it in a less reactive way.



How can mindfulness help me?

Mindfulness is an important factor in wellbeing, contentment and life satisfaction.

It shifts the mind into a more positive emotional state, as well as improving our immune system. It reduces our stress levels and enhances our emotional intelligence. We can work more effectively. It helps develop resilience.



What we will be covering in the course sessions?

The course is usually spread over eight weeks, up to 90 minutes a session, with home practice in-between.

We learn to practice mindful awareness in different ways, whilst sitting and walking, whilst at home and at work. The course is mainly practical, learning how to be mindful through the practice of doing it.



Who will be leading the sessions?

The sessions will be led by Peter Johnson, a psychotherapist and mindfulness practitioner.

Peter is a graduate of University College London. He worked for several years as a Health Visitor, promoting health and wellbeing in the community.

His approach to psychotherapy is very much one of empowering people to transform their lives. He regards mindful awareness as a really useful life skill and way of living.

Peter has trained to teach mindfulness with Bangor University and at Oxford.
He launched his first mindfulness course in 2012 in the City of London. He is also busy teaching mindfulness in schools using the .b program.



What have other people said about the courses?

‘Peter creates an excellent environment for learning about mindfulness. His manner is open and very approachable. I highly recommend learning this skill, and learning it with Peter.’

‘So much better to do a course than just read a book on my own.’

‘The course has enabled me to understand mindfulness, including all the research behind it. I feel my practices are far better after the tuition.’

‘This course is a great introduction to mindfulness. I am very grateful for the new ideas, techniques and option that are now available to me. Thank you.’

‘I’m glad I did it!’